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The Ten Most Powerful Option Trading Secrets


Find out what the markets are really telling you from the “Father of Options” himself

Run time: 102 minutes. Recognized as one of the top market forecasters of all time and a long-standing member of the Trader’s Hall of Fame, Bernie Schaeffer has a unique talent for predicting market trends and capitalizing on them. An indispensable resource for traders of all levels of experience, this book offers you a unique opportunity to learn from the master his ten most powerful option trading secrets. Bernie begins with a thorough discussion of the most common pitfalls of trading, then, with the help of numerous case studies and anecdotes from his incredibly successful career in the markets, he describes his personal top ten trading tips, such as “trade only in the direction of the trend” and “always buy put options in addition to call options”.

  •  Offers a exclusive glimpse into the trading secrets of best-selling author and leading option guru, Bernie Schaeffer
  • Clues you into the secrets of how he reads the markets, how he consistently bets against the crowd and wins, and why he vehemently rejects some of the most popular option strategies
  • Includes valuable tips on using time stops v. price stops, to limit losses, why it is unwise to trade options solely on implied volatility, and much more
  • Shows you how to use the master's personal trading tactics to reduce risk, enhance gains and assert greater control over your profit potential