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The Warren Buffett Way Video Course


An inspiring, informational video course on The Warren Buffett Way

Are you interested in learning the secrets of Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our time? With The Warren Buffett Way Video Course, you'll listen to Robert Hagstrom explain the principles and strategies that have made Buffett such a success in the twentieth century.

Get the investing results you seek by applying the tips in this two-hour presentation. Accompanying The Warren Buffett Way, Third Edition and The Warren Buffett Way Workbook, or used alone, the segments of this video recount Buffett's path from his childhood in Omaha, through his college years and mentorship with Ben Graham, to the huge success of Buffett's investment partnership, and through the growth and evolution of Berkshire Hathaway.

Here's what you'll get with The Warren Buffett Way Video Course:

  • Video sessions featuring comprehensive instruction on every chapter of The Warren Buffett Way, Third Edition
  • The twelve immutable qualities Buffett looks for in a potential investment and the effectiveness of Buffett's buy-and-hold philosophy
  • The personal lessons and advice Buffett learned from Ben Graham, Phil Fisher, and Charlie Munger
  • What behavioral finance tells us about the challenges of long-term investing
  • The behavioral, analytical, and organizational strategies that gave Buffett an edge over other investors in his day

Published by Wiley, a market-leading provider of over 400 annual books, videos, CDs, online training tools, newsletters, and websites for professionals in finance, The Warren Buffett Way Video Course is an accessible presentation of how Warren Buffett has consistently achieved stellar performance, and how anyone, armed with the right information and on guard for obstacles, can apply Buffett's method to their own portfolios.