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The World Economy, Global Trade Policy 1997


This book is the third in an annul series in which top economists and policy experts provide concise and accessible evaluation of policy developments at global and regional levels. It also offers critical assessments of a number of current WTO countries reviews (TPRs) and thoughtful discussions of key issues in trade and trade policy. The annual series is intended to provide timely appraisals of current developments and serve as a cumulative reference resource on the evolution of trade policies and practices.

The current volume feature Richard Blackhurst on the revolving door of the role WTO; Fred Bergsten on open regionalism; Jurgen Donges et al. on a trans-Atlantic free trade area: Danny Leipziger et al. on Mercosur; Nora Lusting NAFTA; Keith Maskus in the intellectual property rights; and a symposium on globalization and trade. This year’s assessments of the WTO’s Trade Policy Reviews include Brazil, (R. Flores), Sri Lanka (A.G. Cuthbertson), Uganda (P. Collier), and Switzerland (H. Hauser and R. Straw).

1. Editorial Introduction: Sven Arndt and Chris Milner.

2. Institutional Focus: The WTO and the Global Trade Regime: R. Blackhurst.

3. Regional Focus: A Trans-Atlantic Trade Free Area: J. Donges et al.

4. Regional Focus: Mercosur: D. Leipziger et al.

5. National Trade Policy Review: Brazil: R. Flores Jr.

6. National Trade Policy Review: Sri Lanka: Cuthbertson.

7. National Trade Policy Review: Switzerland: H. Hauser.

8. National Trade Policy Review: Thailand: A. Siamwalla.

9. National Trade Policy Review: Uganda: P. Collier.

10. Special Feature: Open Regionalism: F. Bergsten.

11. Special Feature: Intellectual Property Rights: K. Maskus.

12. Special Feature: Globalization and Trade: A Symposium.