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Trading Secrets: Killer trading strategies to beat the markets and finally achieve the success you deserve, 3rd Edition


Are you sick of watching your hard-earned funds slip away? Can you taste trading success but just don't know how to achieve it? Do you want to discover how to trade consistently and profitably?

Whether you're a novice trader or already in the game, this third edition of Trading Secrets is packed with everything you need to get in on the action. Known for her witty and entertaining style, Louise Bedford has demystified the world of share trading for thousands of investors and traders, and you're next!

Inside you'll find fascinating insights into:

  • handling a windfall profit

  • identifying clear entry and exit signals

  • understanding the psychological factors that affect trading performance

  • setting stop losses and managing money.

Full of practical advice from an expert who has figured out the markets for herself, Trading Secrets is the book you need to get the most out of the world of trading.

Louise Bedford has been trading for over 20 years and is one of Australia's best-selling authors on the sharemarket. Her other books include Charting Secrets, The Secret of Candlestick Charting and The Secret of Writing Options.

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction ix

Part I — Business secrets 1

1 Stop trading, start thinking 3

2 Trust a broker? Are you crazy? 13

3 Get ready for action 27

4 Got a job? Hang on in there … for a while 33

Part II — It takes all sorts 41

5 It's all about sex 43

6 The best gift you can give your child 49

7 Find a hero — the undervalued success secret 55

8 Trader — know thyself 63

Part III — Trading tools 73

9 History never repeats. Are you sure? 75

10 Stop playing blind archery 95

11 Speed counts. Should you get online? 133

12 Show me the money! 143

13 Sector analysis — your shortcut 151

Part IV — Trade management secrets 159

14 GFC victims didn't use stops 161

15 Most people suck at money management 181

16 More bang for your buck 199

17 It's TattsLotto time 209

18 Warning! Measure or go broke 215

Part V — Recession-smashing strategies 225

19 Make the bear your friend 227

20 Options multiply your results 239

21 New trading products 251

Part VI — Words of wisdom 259

22 Associate with success 261

23 Write it down or suff er the consequences 273

24 Habits determine your success 289

25 The real secret 295

Further reading 299

Glossary 301

Testimonials 313

Index 317

More from Louise . . . 325