Winning the Day Trading Game: Lessons and Techniques from a Lifetime of Trading


Profit from Experience!

"All day traders will relate to the stories and lessons in Busby's new book, and new day trading entrants need to read it before they set out on what can be a perilous 'journey.' It will make the going much smoother."
—Gail Osten Executive Editor, SFO Magazine

"As a floor trader of twenty-five years' standing, I can tell you that Tom Busby has made an important contribution to the literature of day trading. His incisive comments bring clarity to chaos. His calm demeanor permits you to learn."
—Scott Slutsky Member, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Managing Director, Alaron Trading Corp.

"This book to me, as an active day trader in the E-mini and NASDAQ futures, is a wholesome and frank discussion of our strengths and weaknesses as traders and investors. Repeatedly it reminded me of our journey as we all have to tame our demons before we can master this game."
—Fari Hamzei Founder, Hamzei Analytics

"Winning the Day Trading Game provides an excellent primer for anyone seeking information on trading anything financial. The book is easy to read and comprehensively addresses everything a prospective trader needs to know to start. Through his courses, Tom has always been good at creating a great foundation for new traders. His new book brings what he teaches down to a grass-roots level where every new trader should start. His stories illustrate important lessons and are even amusing. . . . I urge you to get a signed copy—it will be worth some money some day."
—Richard Rueb President,

THOMAS L. BUSBY, a twenty-five-year veteran of the market, began his trading career with Merrill Lynch while earning a law degree. After training in New York, he earned his brokerage license and a license to trade futures, and enjoyed remarkable success. But on October 19, 1987, the market crashed, and with it his career and—worst of all—his self-confidence. After several years of struggle, he reappraised all that he had learned, ultimately devising an innovative short-term trading strategy focused on risk management. Applying this new method, he achieved phenomenal results. In 1996 he founded the Day Trading Institute, now one of the world's most successful trading schools. Mr. Busby is a member of both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

PATSY BUSBY DOW is a former educator, an attorney, and a trader. As Tom Busby's first cousin, she heard him talk about the markets and his trading experiences. Her fascination with his stories and market savvy led her to study his trading methods. She is currently employed by the Day Trading Institute as a staff writer.



Chapter 1: The Crucible: Black Monday.

Chapter 2: Time Is Central.

Chapter 3: Trading Is a Numbers Game.

Chapter 4: Read the Tape.

Chapter 5: There’s No Crying in Trading.

Chapter 6: Riding the Rail.

Chapter 7: Worry about Risk, the Rewards Will Come.

Chapter 8: Respect the News.

Chapter 9: Getting Down to Brass Tacks.

Chapter 10: Preparation Pays.

Chapter 11: A Study in Contrast.

Chapter 12: Recap the Essentials.

Chapter 13: An Afterthought for Consideration: The Doctrine of Genius.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: Getting Started.

Appendix C: Order Types.

Appendix D: Suggested Reading.

Appendix E: Helpful Websites.