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Workouts and Turnarounds II: Global Restructuring Strategies for the Next Century: Insights from the Leading Authorities in the Field


The most trusted names in workouts and turnarounds share their valuable strategies Compiling insights and methods from industry experts, this authoritative and practical guide cuts through the maze of corporate restructuring jargon to give corporate leaders and professionals the proven techniques and clear advice needed to understand today's corporate turnarounds and workouts. Workouts & Turnarounds II: Global Restructuring Strategies for the Next Century gives detailed coverage of the key issues involved in this process-from both the creditor and company positions. You'll learn how to identify a troubled company and determine the chances of turnaround, and what management should focus on before it's too late. One of the leading authorities in financial and operational restructuring services, Dominic DiNapoli has assembled experts from around the country who have provided their insights and years of experience in the various topics covered in this book. From business regeneration tactics, to managing corporate communications, to the roles of lawyers and lender services, you'll find a wealth of information in this comprehensive reference. In addition, this guide contains case studies of turnarounds in progress, illustrating many of the techniques and strategies currently available. Whether you are a CEO, an attorney, or a lender restructuring or investing in distressed companies, Workouts & Turnarounds II: Global Restructuring Strategies for the Next Century gives you the crucial information you need to make the right decisions today.

DOMINIC DINAPOLI is the partner-in-charge of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP's North American Business Recovery Services practice.
Trouble Spotting: Assessing the Likelihood of a Turnaround (D. DiNapoli & E. Fuhr).

Looming Financial or Business Failure: Fix or File-A Legal Perspective (H. Miller).

Preparing for Bankruptcy: Building the War Chest (J. Nitzberg).

Business Regeneration: Early Detection-Early Intervention (R. Pate).

Spin Control: Managing Internal and External Communications (M. Sitrick).

The Lawyer's Role in Representing the Distressed Company (L. Kruger & R. Keller).

At the Front of the Line: The Secured Creditor (C. Fortgang, et al.).

Representing the Unsecured Creditors' Committee in Insolvency Restructurings (D. Kurtz, et al.).

Lender Services: Let the Lender Beware! (R. Paul & K. Coghlan).

Financing Alternatives for the Troubled Companies (W. Repko).

Valuation of Companies within Workout and Turnaround Situations (T. Millon & S. Pratt).

Market Dynamics and Investment Performance of Distressed and Defaulted Debt Securities (E. Altman).

International Restructuring: Overcoming Cross-Border Hurdles in South America (D. Smith, et al.).

Asian Markets (M. Reiss).

The Accountant's Role in the Workout Environment-Beyond "Bean Counting" (D. Gray).

Dealing with Employee Issues in a Bankruptcy Situation (R. Rosenberg & D. Heller).

Financial Aspects of Bankruptcy Disputes (H. Kelley & D. Dooley).

Tax Planning in Corporate Reorganizations (M. Aeder).

The Retail Industry-Trends in the Next Century (K. Regan).

A New Paradigm Emerges (J. Barthell, et al.).

Merger and Acquisition Strategies for the Distressed Company (D. Williams & S. Roy).